Quick guide to cleaning and maintaining a shower enclosure

No one wants to spend hours cleaning a grubby shower enclosure, so here’s our guide to keeping your shower enclosure looking its best.

One of the easiest ways to stop the build-up of limescale and soap residue on the glass is to wipe it down after every shower. This is really quick if you use a shower screen wiper, alternatively, you can use a microfibre cloth. If you decide to use a microfibre cloth, throw it in the washing machine once a week. Aqualux shower enclosures all have our own Aquagleam coating that helps prevent the build-up of soap and limescale deposits, which combined with a wipe down after every shower will reduce the need for heavy cleaning.

A shower screen wiper can also be used to wipe down tiles too, again this will help stop the build-up of limescale, especially in hard water areas. Even soap deposits can be reduced by using shower gel rather than a bar of soap in the shower.

Once a week we would advise giving your shower enclosure a good clean, again keep your shower screen wiper handy as it’s the quickest way to wipe the glass areas down after cleaning.  

You can opt for shop-bought products, but if limescale isn’t allowed to build up, warm soapy water is all you need, followed by a wipe down and buff up with a microfibre cloth. If there are limescale deposits on your glass, grab an empty spray bottle and mix equal quantities of white vinegar and water, spray on the glass and leave for a few minutes. Heavy deposits might need more spraying and more scrubbing. Always use a non-scratch sponge. Wipe off and buff up with a clean cloth. 

Tip: unscrew your shower head and place it in a plastic bag with equal parts of white vinegar and water. Leave for a couple of hours to soak then rinse thoroughly. This will remove limescale from inside the spray head.

You will also need to clean shower door tracks and around rollers. An old toothbrush is handy for getting in the tracks and around harder to reach parts. White vinegar applied to the tracks and left for a few minutes will help lift off limescale and soap deposits. Stubborn deposits will need scrubbing with the toothbrush. Rinse after cleaning and dry with a cloth.

Most Aqualux shower enclosures with sliding doors have quick release bearings, so you can remove the doors to make cleaning around the tracks and rollers easier.

Posted on May 22nd 2020 @ 11:53 AM


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