Shower Drain

Shower Drain
Shower Drain
  • 3 Year guarantee
  • Showertray in the floor
Shower drain grate (15)
Stainless steelAustin10x90cm
Stainless steelAustin10x80cm
Stainless steelAustin10x70cm
Stainless steelDavenport10x90cm
Stainless steelDavenport10x80cm
Stainless steelDavenport10x70cm
Stainless steelPortland10x90cm
Stainless steelPortland10x80cm
Stainless steelPortland10x70cm
Stainless steelMadison10x90cm
Stainless steelMadison10x80cm
Stainless steelMadison10x70cm
Stainless steelSeattle10x90cm
Stainless steelSeattle10x80cm
Stainless steelSeattle10x70cm
Shower drain (3)
Stainless steelShower Drain10x90cm
Stainless steelShower Drain10x80cm
Stainless steelShower Drain10x70cm
3 Year guarantee
Showertray in the floor

Details For Your Style

For the ultimate in seamless room design, we offer a range of wetfloor installtion drains for use with the Aqualux AQUA enclosure ranges.


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