Shower Drain

Shower Drain
Shower Drain
  • 3 Year guarantee
  • Showertray in the floor
Shower drain grate (15)from£68.00
Stainless steelAustin10x90cm£85.00
Stainless steelAustin10x80cm£77.00
Stainless steelAustin10x70cm£68.00
Stainless steelDavenport10x90cm£85.00
Stainless steelDavenport10x80cm£77.00
Stainless steelDavenport10x70cm£68.00
Stainless steelPortland10x90cm£85.00
Stainless steelPortland10x80cm£77.00
Stainless steelPortland10x70cm£68.00
Stainless steelMadison10x90cm£85.00
Stainless steelMadison10x80cm£77.00
Stainless steelMadison10x70cm£68.00
Stainless steelSeattle10x90cm£85.00
Stainless steelSeattle10x80cm£77.00
Stainless steelSeattle10x70cm£68.00
Shower drain (3)from£177.00
Stainless steelShower Drain10x90cm£190.00
Stainless steelShower Drain10x80cm£183.00
Stainless steelShower Drain10x70cm£177.00
3 Year guarantee
Showertray in the floor

Details For Your Style

For the ultimate in seamless room design, we offer a range of wetfloor installtion drains for use with the Aqualux AQUA enclosure ranges.


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